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What Are the Essential Tools of a Locksmith? 

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Locksmiths install, repair and fix locks in cars and buildings. Locksmithing is a professional trade and there are specific tools that every locksmith should have at their disposal. Since 1960, expert locksmiths at Ernie’s Lock Company have proudly serviced the Maryland and Metro D.C. area. As your neighborhood locksmith, Ernie’s has the knowledge, skills and tools for commercial, residential or emergency locksmithing jobs. 

Essential Locksmith Tools

Credit cards, bobby pins and aluminum cans are not suitable tools for a locksmith. At Ernie’s, we stay up to date with the professional tools locksmiths use and industry trends. If your locksmith shows up without these tools, you might just be dealing with an amateur. 

Tools Locksmiths Use for Standard Jobs

No matter the job, every locksmith trains to use a basic set of tools at work. Professional locksmiths bring these tools to each job site and use them for standard projects:

  • Lock pick set: Includes hooks, rakes, diamond picks and other tools to manually pick locks.
  • Padlock shims: Inserts a thin piece of metal or two around the lock shackle to open the lock.
  • Broken key extractors: Removes broken keys, jammed pieces or foreign objects from the key slot.
  • Lock pin tumbler tweezers: Picks up small pieces off of the floor or ground effectively.
  • Snap gun: Strikes the pins all at once to open the lock quickly in an emergency.
  • Laser key cutter and duplicator: Cuts and duplicates standard and unique keys such as auto, simple cut, barrel and dimple keys.
  • Hand-held scope: Helps with handling small parts or working in small spaces 
  • Toolbox: Holds heavy-duty latches and hinges, screwdrivers and other tools for unexpected replacements or unforeseeable problems.

Tools Locksmiths Use for Homes and Apartments

If you forget, misplace or lose your keys, you can end up locked out of your house. While everyone gets locked out from time to time, many people don’t know what to do when it happens. While you might not be able to avoid the embarrassment, you can return to your home or apartment quickly when your locksmith has the proper tools. Ernie’s has essential locksmith tools for these purposes, including:

  • Lock and safe scope: Provides extra light to make it more natural and easy to re-key locks.
  • Tension wrench: Stops any unwanted movement and stays steady to get the job done efficiently.
  • Key decoder: Determines the pin depth using a plastic or metal card on different keys such as Weslock or Schlage.
  • Lock plug spinner: Rotates the interior of the lock when someone picks it in the wrong direction.

Tools Locksmiths Use for Cars

Whether you misplace your keys or your fob dies, getting locked out of your car can be frustrating or frightening, especially if it’s late or you’re in an unknown area. However, using a coat hanger or breaking a window are not ideal ways to open your car. To guarantee a job well done, your locksmith will come prepared with the right tools. Essential locksmith tools for vehicles vary depending on the type of car, truck or van, but often include:

  • Universal gas cap tryout key: Opens most gas caps when someone loses their key designed to prevent gas theft.
  • Automotive wedges: Slides in between the window and rubber window scraper without scratching the door or breaking the window.
  • Slim-Jim set: Pries open car doors when the key is locked inside or lost.
  • Auto shutter toolset: Holds open the dust covers for wide access to key slots.
  • Auto jigglers: Picks the lock for foreign and domestic cars, trucks, SUVs and other vehicles.
  • Long reach tools: Reach across the console to unlock the opposite door or retrieve keys left in the ignition.

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We arrive on time for scheduled appointments and we’ll get to your location quickly in the event of an emergency. With our 90 day warranty on all labor, we’re proud to follow up and take extra time to troubleshoot with you. Contact the licensed locksmiths at Ernie’s today! We know how to handle essential locksmith tools to get the job done right. 

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