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The Dangers of Using The “KeyMe” Service

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If you’ve wondered where to copy keys near you and ventured into a Rite Aid, Kmart or 7-Eleven store in the Baltimore, MD-Washington, D.C. area, you may have noticed the presence of a KeyMe machine. KeyMe kiosks enable you to make duplicate keys on the spot in under 30 seconds, saving you a trip to the locksmith. KeyMe provides an easy, convenient method for producing spare keys for your home, business, auto or just about anything else that requires a key.

How Does KeyMe Work?

In addition to making instant copies of your keys, the KeyMe kiosk enables you to create and store digital copies of your keys for future duplication. There’s also a downloadable KeyMe app that allows you to digitally scan your keys with your mobile device, which produces a code that’s stored in the cloud. You can use the code to order new keys and have them shipped to you, or you can share it with anyone who may need access to a spare key.

What Are the Pros and Cons of Using the KeyMe Service?

The most obvious benefit of using KeyMe or competing key duplication services is that you’ll never have to worry about being locked out again. Assuming you’ve already used the app to scan your keys, you can head to the nearest kiosk to make a fast copy of a lost or stolen key. It’s also easy to share a key with a friend, relative or neighbor if you need them to enter your home while you’re away. In some cases, a KeyMe key can be less expensive than one generated by a professional locksmith.

On the downside, KeyMe keys do not always deliver reliable quality and may not fit properly into the lock. The service also poses several security risks. Anyone who gains access to your keys — friends, car valets, auto mechanics, thieves, etc. — can simply take them to a kiosk and make duplicates. If you’ve emailed your code to friends, there’s nothing to prevent them from sharing it with others. And there’s always the danger of someone hacking into the cloud-based KeyMe system and stealing your code!

Ernie’s Lock Offers a Safe, Reliable Alternative to Automated Key Duplication Services in MD

If the idea of using an automated key duplication service does not appeal to you, contact the professionals at Ernie’s Lock Co. instead. We’ve been providing reliable key replacement services in Maryland since 1960, and we can also alleviate the security concerns of using KeyMe and similar services.


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